I joined Brave in 2016 where I work on the Brave web browser. As the VP of Engineering, I get to manage development on the Desktop, Android, and iOS versions of the product. It’s been amazing seeing our company and product grow!

Before Brave, I spent 8 years as a developer at GoDaddy working on different hosting products (2008 - 2016). These included dedicated hosting, VPS (virtual private server), shared hosting, and their associated UIs.

Before GoDaddy, I was in the manufacturing (TMG) organization at Intel (2005 – 2008). I worked on middleware products (COM/DCOM, guaranteed delivery services, etc) used at the D1D factory in Hillsboro, Oregon. D1D is/was the flagship factory where the ground-breaking process engineering took place for processors. Products I worked on were used in the 1264 (65nm), 1266 (45nm) and 1268 (32nm) processes.

Before Intel and GoDaddy, I also worked for several small businesses in the payment processing industry.

Some friends and I formed Morgopolis Studios, LLC in 2012 and released our first video game, Magicians & Looters, for the Xbox 360 Indie Games marketplace. It’s also available for PC on Steam.

I’ve been writing software since the early 1990s (when I was 10 or 11 years old) and I still love it. I attended and got a bachelor’s degree from UAT (University of Advancing Technology) here in the valley (Tempe, Arizona, USA).